AB Media Group arranges all kinds of concerts and parties. In the years 2001 and 2002, thanks to the support of Tallinn local government, AB Media organized the following concerts:

"Defending kids"
"Haabersti fall"
"New Year's concert in Saku Suurhall" etc.
As well as that a huge charity event "Millennium without Drugs" was presented.
In addition, we supported "Miss Tallinn 2001" and "Top Model and Men 2002" pageants.
Such actions as "Grillfest", "The Prom", "Big Sunday" took place with the help and support of AB Media team.

AB Media Group is known for its popular parties and actions, branded MUZzone:

MUZzone - The night to enjoy music!

MUZzone- is a concert gathering, which first took place on the 12th April 2000 in the Flamingo club, where the music channel Muz-TV was presented. On the stage artists Ines, Caater, Egoist (Estonia), ?anko ? ?ikita (Russia) sang and performed. To the pleasant surprise of many Muz-TV fans Vdj Avrora (Russia) lead the evening. Radio 4 gave air translation of the party with commentaries and news right from the club! Enormous amount of gifts from the sponsors were given out.

MUZzone - 12th April 2001 - took place in the Decolte club. The public got a chance to see and listen to May Day, Turbomoda and Russkii Razmer.

The third party of the series was held on the 28th December 2001 in the Saku Suurhall and was named "New Year's M??zone". The same day became a date for to parties going on - during the first part of the day Taanel Padar, N-Euro, Anaconda, Exit, May Day and Karin performed. The night action was lead by Vadim Ancupov and DJ Melboom played.

The fourth MUZzone, 12th April 2002, was devoted to the second Birthday of Muz-TV and took place in the famous Decolte. Russian performers Akula and Ruki Vverh were invited, various popular Estonian groups participated, the evening was lead by Ascar Kuchera (Muz-TV, Russia).

On the 11th October 2002 the fifth MUZzone brought the Muz-TV fans to the Decolte club.

Russian singer Irina Saltykova made an astoniching performance, a huge fashion show took place and DJ Deniss Karabljoff made sure the public enjoyed the evening to the most!

When Muz-TV turned 3, it was celebrated in 2 cities of Estonia. On the 11th April - in the club Atlantis, Tartu - and on the 12th April - in the club Decolte, Tallinn. The celebrity guests and performers of the concert were Russian band Hi-Fi.

The seventh ???zone (4th Birthday of Muz-TV Eesti channel) was held in the Decolte club on the 16th April 2004. The club was packed with people, who wanted to listen to the widely known rock band Bi2 (Russia).

The jubilee 5th Birthday of Muz-TV was arranged on the 15th April 2005 in Decolte, the biggest Tallinn club. Tutsi and Triplex performed.